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huamn eggs better

Are you taking your “EGGS” for granted?

Step back for a moment and reflect…Are you taking your “eggs” for granted?
As women wait longer to have children, due to studies, career or whatever reasons ,their egg quantity and quality decrease, leading to increasing difficulty in becoming pregnant, maintaining pregnancy and delivering a healthy baby

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sperm foods


I am blogging at now. please follow me there.  Super Foods  for Super Sperms! Taking care of , and regulating your diet is extremely important for a healthy sex life,healthy semen & healthy sperms……and ultimately for having a cute ,cuddly baby in your arms. There are many foods which are v good for sperm …

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ما هي البويضة التالفة؟ Miscarriage— Blighted Ovum

               يحدث هذا عند المرأة عندما تنقسم البويضة المخصبة الى خلايا التي تشكل كيس الحمل (الجنين) وكما يحدث نمو للمشيمة أيضا ولكن لا يحدث تطور ونمو للجنين وهذه أحدى الأنواع التي تؤدي للإجهاض. أسباب البويضة التالفة: هو نتيجة لمشاكل في الكروموسومات التي تحدث بسبب انقسام الخلايا بشكل غير طبيعي …

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I am blogging at now. please follow me there.  What is Blighted Ovum? A Blighted Ovum happens when the fertilized egg divides into cells which form the gestational sac,and the placental tissue also grows to some extent,but the embryo does not develop. This is a type of miscarriage. Cause of Blighted Ovum. A Blighted …

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